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Trip Brands LLC established a global conglomerate in the travel industry

Trip Brands LLC established a global conglomerate in the travel industry

Mr. Benson Samuel a visionary strategist in the global travel industry talks about his vision with a new paradigm in global travel technology…

Trip Brands LLC is an American multinational travel group registered in the state of Texas, USA and has its global Head Quarters, at 800 W Airport Freeway Suite 743, Irving, TX 75062, USA. The Founder, President/ Group CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trip Brands Mr. Benson stated that; “our vision is to create, acquire and own a unique brand of travel facilitators in the world. We want our brands to be efficient, customer oriented, and adopt the best technology in the industry. Our brands will be aggressively focused on delivering unparalleled service to help our customers’ book their trip for less”. By introducing BookOtrip, BTA & Trip Brands Technology has put us at a strategic vantage point in view of our global vision for Trip Brands group of companies.

Trip Brands Group of Companies has negotiated wholesale prices with most airlines, hotels, car rental companies, tour operators and cruise companies in the world. The organization has further grown and established the following companies in multiple segments of the travel industry: Online Travel Agency, Corporate Travel, B2B Travel Agency (serving the travel agency community) Traditional High Street Travel Agency and Travel Technology. Trip Brands’ team consist of experts from every segment of the travel industry, specializing in their own field of expertise, to develop, quantify modern trends in technology and create a unique product to market and distribute a quality brand through our suite of brands servicing every segment of the global travel industry.

Mr. Benson concluded by saying, my team and I count over one hundred years of experience in the global travel industry and highly trained and skilled experts who are professional and emphatic. I am confident of building a global brand that will be unique, innovative and make global travel accessible to all at an affordable price.

Mr. Benson is a prominent personality in the industry and known for his extensive knowledge and the ability to turn any market trend into a positive vision. Industry personnel in the airline, cruise companies, and tour operators have all praised this new initiative by Trip Brands Group of Companies, and are also excited about the fact that it will generate revenue growth for all of them, this assumption is based on all of their past experience working with Mr. Benson which has always been a win-win situation for all.